Scunthorpe United stadium

PWA wins planning consent for Scunthorpe United stadium plans

Plans to create a 12,000 all-seater stadium for Scunthorpe United as part of the £1.2bn Lincolnshire Lakes development have been officially approved.

The new £25m stadium, to be built on a 60-acre site on the west side of the M181, could be ready for Scunthorpe United to move in for the start of the 2017-18 season.

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Building on green belt land: Is it viable for your development?

The often emotive issue of green belt development has again roused sensitives following a landmark court ruling. But will the latest judgement make it easier to build on green belt land? Paul Walton, director at PWA Planning, examines the broader picture.

A major judgment by the Court of Appeal has far-reaching implications for housing developers looking at potential opportunities to build on green belt land.

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rename the bungalow

Is it time to rename the bungalow?

The word ‘bungalow’ evokes images of elderly communities, far removed from lively homes on modern developments. But single storey homes are vital to the housing mix and perhaps we should look at more up-to-date ways of describing them. Daniel Hughes, senior planner at PWA Planning examines the issues.

England needs more bungalows – that’s official. According to housing and planning minister Brandon Lewis more single storey homes are urgently required. The logic is that by enabling late middle-aged and elderly ‘empty nesters’ to downsize to bungalows, greater numbers of larger houses will be freed up for families.

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starter homes

Do I need to include starter homes in my development?

The Starter Homes initiative has again been defeated in the House of Lords, but the government is unlikely to concede defeat. Paul Walton explains the implications for developers.

The government’s flagship Starter Homes scheme faces an uphill struggle after being voted down yet again in the House of Lords.

Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers want to water-down the controversial scheme that would see 20 per cent of homes in new developments being made available at a 20 per cent discount to first-time buyers aged under 40.

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stadium planning and development

Stadium planning: How to win public support

New stadium planning and development can be a contentious issue for fans and communities alike, not to mention local planning authorities. Planning expert Paul Walton assesses what sporting clubs can do to gain public support for stadium development.

History, tradition, identity and atmosphere are all words used by the fans to express their potential concern when their sporting club moots the possibility of a move to a new stadium, or reveals plans to knock down existing stands and start again.

It’s an issue that’s usually overcome if the club is able to effectively communicate the financial, operational and sporting performance benefits of moving stadium. After all, fans always want the best for their club.

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housebuilding industry 2017

The forces shaping UK housebuilding in 2017

Paul Walton, a director at North West planning consultants PWA Planning, summarises the major policy announcements and other external factors that will shape housebuilding in 2017 and what opportunities this will bring for the development sector.

Another year, another housing crisis. Could 2017 be the year our leaders finally come up with a credible long-term plan for increasing the supply of new homes?

The irony is, we’ve had some of the best housebuilding data for years in the last few months, but we’re still not building enough homes to keep pace with population growth.

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