Former Duke of York

Project overview

Client: Whittle Estates Ltd
Location: Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley
Sector: Industrial and Commercial
Project status: Planning stage

On behalf of Whittle Estates Ltd, PWA Planning submitted a planning application for a retail store and four apartments on the site of the former Duke of York public house, Chorley Old Road, Whittle-le-Woods.

What we did

The site was designated under as a settlement area within the Chorley Local Plan. However, there was an area of existing open space to the north including two Areas of Safeguarded Land, as well as two notable strategic housing sites located within the surrounding area.

The siting of the proposed development was chosen carefully to minimise the impact on visual amenity and the environment, with great care being given to design a scheme which works with the existing topography and built features.

The planning statement prepared by PWA Planning required a rigorous and exhaustive look at all of the planning policies relevant to the land uses within this area of Chorley, and also their relevance and consistency to the National Planning Policy Framework.

PWA Planning prepared and commissioned technical reports to support the application, with particular emphasis on the merits of the scheme and its positive impacts on the surrounding environment.