Project overview

Client:  George Cox Holdings Ltd
Location:   Bolton
Sector: Residential
Project status:  Completed

PWA Planning achieved full planning permission for the erection of eight family dwellings on a vacant bowling green adjacent to the former Howcroft Inn, Bolton.

What we did

The site became redundant when the pub was closed and eventually converted into student accommodation in 2012.

Being located within an urban area close to the town centre, the site was tightly constrained by existing development; residential properties closely bounded the site to the North, East and West, and therefore careful consideration had to be given to a suitable layout which sought to respect the residential amenity of existing and future residents, while ensuring a commercially viable scheme. With detailed advice from PWA Planning to the scheme architect, the resulting design solution achieved the ideal balance and was commended by the local planning authority as representing a “clever use of space”.

PWA retained expert open space consultants to respond to the loss of the former bowling green and detailed evidence was provided which was able to demonstrate compliance with open space policies operated by the council.

Working closely with officers at Bolton Council, full planning permission was granted with only minor amendments to the scheme and inside the statutory eight week period.