Project overview

Client: GOYT Construction
Location: Langley, Macclesfield
Sector: Housing
Project status: TBC

In June 2015 Cheshire East Council refused planning permission for the conversion of the redundant Langley Mill, Macclesfield. GOYT Construction approached PWA Planning to lodge an appeal against the refusal and to concurrently re-submit a fresh application.

What we did

Langley Mill is a redundant commercial property, used originally for silk manufacturing from 1826 and representing a building of local historic significance. The Mill has been vacant for a number of years and has subsequently fallen victim to vandalism and deterioration.

Lying within the Green Belt but close to the village and with residential property in close proximity, the site represents a planning policy and design challenge. Despite general support for the redevelopment, Cheshire East Council did not see merit in the scheme and the application was rejected. PWA was retained to advise on the merits of appeal and to negotiate with the planning authority. Following detailed assessments, PWA advised that an appeal was appropriate but that at the same time a new application should be progressed.

PWA has prepared and lodged an appeal against the refusal and will seek an award of costs on behalf of the appellant. At the same time a reduced scheme is being negotiated with the planning authority in the hope that agreement can be reached and planning permission granted.