Project overview

Client:   GBA Services
Location:   Tarleton, Lancashire
Sector: Industrial and Commercial
Project status:   TBC

PWA Planning was retained to co-ordinate the planning process in connection with the redevelopment of the former Bay Leaf public house site on the edge of Tarleton, to provide GBA Services with a new state-of-the-art headquarters building.

What we did

Following the continued growth of GBA Services, as one of the UK’s most successful dedicated transport solutions providers, PWA Planning advised on proposals to create a new bespoke headquarters office building. A desire to stay within the Tarleton and Hesketh Bank areas meant that opportunities for new-build were limited. Eventually, the company settled on a highly visible site on the edge of Tarleton, but within the green belt.

The challenge for the design team, and in particular PWA Planning was, against the strong green belt protection policies, to seek to negotiate planning consent for a new building which was considerably larger than the building it replaced. PWA undertook detailed pre-application negotiations with the local planning authority and the subsequent planning application was supported by detailed arguments related to the “very special circumstances” associated with the proposal which allowed normal green belt policy to be put aside in favour of the development. Visual impact, heritage issues, design quality and most importantly local economic issues, were advanced in support of the proposals.