Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment is a procedure that allows local planning authorities, and indeed applicants, to protect the environment by determining whether a proposed development is likely to have significant effects on the environment.

Where this is deemed likely you will be required to produce an Environmental Statement (ES) to accompany your planning application. Failure to properly consider these matters can either delay the application process or lead to a potential legal challenge to any eventual decision.

PWA Planning provides advice in this complex area on a case-by-case basis as to the significance of a particular development and the likelihood that an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required. The services we can provide include:

  • Pre-screening advice to determine whether an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is required
  • Efficient management of the EIA ‘screening’ and ‘scoping’ stages to facilitate delivery of accurate and complete Environmental Statements
  • Robust EIA and ES reporting in conjunction with various technical consultants
  • Management of the EIA development proposals through to determination

When is an Environment Impact Assessment needed?

An Environment Impact Assessment is required for developments that are listed under Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 of the Town & Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2017). Types of development covered under these schedules include major industrial, commercial and infrastructure developments, particularly those involving hazardous processes such as oil refineries, water treatment works, mineral exploration and extraction, and waste disposal facilities.

However, an Environment Impact Assessment may also be needed for other developments that are likely to have significant effects on the environment due to their nature, size, or location. This can therefore cover a wide range of residential and commercial development. Those bringing forward a development can ask their local planning authority for a ‘screening opinion’ confirming whether their project requires an EIA. If it does, developers can ask for a ‘scoping opinion’ which specifics the issues that must be included in the assessment.

This is a technically complex and potentially costly area of planning law, and our team can offer you expert advice at an early stage to ensure the right planning strategy is in place.

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“The team at PWA Planning make negotiating the planning system a much smoother experience. They always deal with matters in a professional and timely manner and are extremely proactive in negotiations with the planning authority. They have a strong reputation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

John Winstanley, Story Homes

“PWA Planning have been our ‘go to’ planning consultants for many years on varying projects. Their knowledge of the vagaries within the planning system are invaluable ensuring that any advice given can be relied upon to secure the best possible outcome.”

Simon Baxter, Primas Law

“PWA Planning have been with us from the start of our journey at AFC Fylde. They approach all our projects with professionalism, flexibility and a can-do attitude. Their knowledge of the planning system and expert advice is second to none.”

David Haythornthwaite, Mill Farm Sports Village

“I have engaged with PWA Planning on many residential development sites. Their knowledge of the planning system is exemplary, and they have an excellent track record of securing planning consents on our sites. I would recommend PWA without hesitation.”

Richard Calderbank, Applethwaite Homes

“We have worked with PWA Planning for many years and have always found them to be approachable, knowledgeable and effective, navigating difficult projects with ease and professionalism. I would highly recommend PWA to anyone who needs expert planning advice and guidance.”

Phil Wooliscroft, Eddisons

“Paul and his team offer us that rare mix of high-quality planning advice with accessibility and tenacity, to take on the challenges the modern planning system presents. We enjoy the professional and friendly service and hope PWA will long be part of our wider development team.”

Alex Kenwright, EG Group

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