National Planning Practice Guidance published

The government’s on-line “planning guidance” (NPPG) went live on 6 March 2014 as an additional level of support for the “National Planning Policy Framework” (NPPF).

The two documents need to be cross-referenced, but following publication of the NPPG a huge list of circulars and other publications have been cancelled.

Unfortunately, it seems that the NPPG offers little in the way of practical guidance, particularly for those who are not planning practitioners and other planning professionals.

The paucity of guidance may appear to be a bonus, but the reality is that the loss of detailed guidance leaves significant areas for dispute and this invariably involves cost and delay for developers and others with land and property interests.

It seems almost inevitable that the government will need to review and improve on this practice guidance if the planning system is not to suffer from the lack of guidance.

Although the trumpeting of the removal of red-tape sounds positive, in practice it is the red tape which binds things together and prevents a free-for-all.

The NPPG can be viewed at

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