Build your own home – the government will offer you the land and pay your CIL contribution

Could you build your own home and make your mark on the architecture of Britain?

If so, then all you budding ‘Grand Designers’ can relax in the knowledge that the government is with you all the way.

Following on from the release of eight sites for self-build earlier in 2013, the Homes and Communities Agency are pushing on with another four sites across England to be released for ‘custom build’, as the government likes to call it.

Sounds like a great idea, until you realise that the total number of plots amounts to less than 150, which would equate to 0.06% of the estimated 240,000 dwellings per annum that the Government thinks needs to be provided to keep up with demand. Maybe Kevin McCloud could harass every one of them?

More generally, Mr Pickles has decided that England should be a nation of self-builders and intends to make sure that people reap the rewards.

Not only are self-builders welcomed with a degree of reverence, the government are mooting the idea that self-build property be offered relief from CIL contributions. On a property of 150 square metres that can amount to nearly £10,000, certainly in this neck of the woods.

PWA Planning can advise on locating and securing planning consent for self-build plots and on future CIL contributions. Call now for friendly, helpful and most of all, clear advice.